Planning and Scheduling

Planning Contact Information

Andrew Blick, | Online and Hybrid Self-Sustaining Courses | 360-650-2841
Jenny Hebert, | Face-to-Face Self-Sustaining Courses | 360-650-7780
Kris Lewis, | Banner Course Set-Up | 360-650-2956
Kelsie Cagampang, | Contracting | 360-650-4451

Stage 1: Annual Planning & Course Set-Up

Extended Education

  • Completes and attaches planning document with course offerings based on conversations with the Program/Department and data-driven analysis.
  • Initiates eForm and routes to Department for review and approval.


  • Reviews course offerings, makes adjustments and additions, as necessary.
  • Enters section minimum/maximum enrollment and course fee, if applicable.
  • For Face-to-Face courses – enters class dates and times, secures classroom(s) (if applicable, enters expenses for classrooms into planning document under “other expenses”).

College/Dean’s Office

  • Reviews and approves completed planning document as forwarded department.

Extended Education

  • Reviews information received from department/dean’s office.
  • Provides additional information regarding financial support of offerings.
  • Provides course set-up in Banner, including unique fiscal coding details.

Stage 2: Quarterly Planning Review & Faculty Contracting

Extended Education

  • Prepares Quarterly Planning Document from annual planning document received from the Department and College.
  • Initiates Quarterly Review eForm and routes to Department for review and approval.


  • Reviews Quarterly Planning Document and makes adjustments, as necessary.
  • Appoints faculty and enters faculty information onto the Quarterly Planning Document.
    If NTT faculty, dept. initiates NTT faculty hire request form and routes to Extended Ed.
    Faculty salary and pay type should be determined during the quarterly contract phase in accordance with the current CBA.
    If the department is unable to locate a faculty for a specific section, the department or college may request that Extended Education assist in identifying and/or recruiting additional candidates for the department’s vacancy pool for consideration.
  • Communicates details related to appointments and course scheduling with faculty.
  • Routes Quarterly Planning Document to the Dean's Office for review and approval.

College/Dean's Office

  • Reviews and approves Quarterly Planning Document as proposed by the department.
  • Confirms and approves faculty, salary, and pay details.

Extended Education

  • Initiates and routes contract and/or H.R. paperwork as required.
  • Initiates contracts and routes to department.
  • Initiates P.A. form.
  • Reconciles tuition revenue and coordinates net revenue share model with college.

Useful Links & Forms

Tips for Working with the Excel Planning Document

Click on an item below to expand the tutorial.

Adding New Rows

You can add a new row by:

  1. Selecting an entire line:
  2. Right click and select “Copy”:
  3. Right click on a row title (located on the left) and select “Insert Copied Cells”:
  4. The new line will be inserted above the highlighted row:

Adding Courses to the Planning Document

  1. Add a new row (if needed) following the instructions above.
  2. Complete the following fields in the Planning Document:
    • Program
    • Site
    • Delivery Mode
    • Department Prefix
    • Course Number
    • Credits
    • Minimum Enrollment
    • Maximum Enrollment
    • Meeting Days and Times
      Additional information may be necessary, review the planning information to determine if you need to complete any other fields.
  3. In the CRN field, enter the word "Add":
  4. After the course is added, be sure to change the "Department Approved" status to "Yes":
  5. Review the entry to ensure all fields are completed:
  6. Extended Education will set-up the course in Banner, once the approved Planning Document has been returned via the eSign form.

Cancelling Courses on the Planning Document

Effective Fall 2015, Extended Education has added a new column to the Planning Document, "Department Approved." By default, all courses will be set to "No."

If the department does not want to offer a course, this field should remain unchanged.

Reviewing the Compensation Information

This information is currently under review pending the upcoming CBA. All compensation information has been removed from the annual planning document.


The ability to zoom in and out can be found on the bottom right corner in Excel:

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